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My blatherings here primarily consist of news and commentary from as wide a variety of alternative news sites that I can manage in a day plus a few thoughts and analysis of my own. Aside from promoting, strongly, the need for humanity to radically alter the corrupt and fraudulent monetary system that we are sweating under, my goal is fact, full stop. The only sustainable path for a balanced society is carved with fact and truth not speculation and bullshit. Things get flaky fast with too much BS, they really do. I'm trying to do my part to cut through the crap so we can make sound decisions that affect us all.

Your proprietor

Hi there and thanks for taking the time to check out my site. My name is Todd and I am the proprietor of ShatterTheIllusion. A little about me: I consider myself an average Joe who is a geek-turned-chef-turned-geek-turned-chef-turned-? and have also spent many years in the IT industry in various capacities. Although I grew up in a religious household (Lutheran), I consider myself an agnostic at this point and I do not belong to any religious organization. From a political standpoint, although I've voted for every major party at least once (and some of the minor ones as well), I do not, nor have I ever, belonged to any political party or organization; government holds very little interest for me and I don't accept its claim of authority over me/us anyway. I'm also a proud earthling! ;-) In the two main professions I've had, ground up or root cause has been the focus. This contributes to my embrace of monetary reform. For years I have been training/trained to hunt down and understand root causes and this gives me an advantage here. I'd like to share with you what I have learned about the root cause of most of our troubles today.

Update: As I progressed in my research it became very apparent that at this point in our journey as a society it was important to adopt some sort of ideology, political or otherwise in order to advocate for change; it's simply a necessity reflective of our current status quo. Yuck. What's a person to do, one who feels there is no need for a government or overarching state at all? Humanity, given the option and a little (possibly painful) adjustment time, will get along just fine, or at the very very least no worse than we are today, but with a far bigger potential for improvement than the status quo offers. Ugh. Then I stumbled upon Murray Rothbard's amazing book: For a New Liberty: The Libertarian Manifesto and that solved that problem. I'm now a proud 'Rothbardian Libertarian'. Whatever your current views and ideology, I strongly recommend giving this book a read through. Murray is an excellent logical writer and while some of his feelings towards people and ideas slip through from time to time (he's only human after all), he just lays it out and backs it up with proof. None of the chest thumping & soap box screaming that seem to be required for other political views. It's an idea that stands on its own, requiring no sales pitches and/or coercion. I am also hooked by the fact that his version of  libertarianism is far more than just a political view point, it's a manner in which one can enjoy their entire existence on planet earth in unreserved freedom! Check it out :)

Of conspiracy theory

Some of the supporting material contained within could be considered by some to be conspiracy theory in nature. On some of this same material, I might tend to agree. I would ask however, that you open your mind, dump preconceived notions and digest the material before formulating a final opinion. The exception to this is our flawed monetary system. There is no conspiracy theory here, the facts published by the banks themselves tell us how the system works, but it is couched in such language as to make us believe it's a good thing.

Fact, fiction, opinion or just fake news?

Ah yes, one of the plagues of modern society is the intermingling of these concepts. I so often bump into opinion being taken as fact and am guilty of it myself. I have never had any writing instruction outside of the public school system, but I do try to think like a reporter should when conveying information and try to present it as factually and unbiased as possible. Alas, I'm only human, so I'll be sure to bugger this up from time to time. Please feel free to comment in the Community section and let me know if you feel some material is not being presented correctly. Additionally, the blog section for me, username Toddler, should be considered opinion unless otherwise noted.


Some of the documentary material found here may include information from a religious point of view as well as contain small adverts. This should not be taken as a support, promotion or endorsement of this type of material, sites, beliefs or products. ShatterTheIllusion is currently fully funded out of my own pocket. One note about television: while I do quote and refer to television and it's related programming often, I take nothing on TV at face value, cynicism works well in this context. Unless it's an unedited CCTV feed or equiv, the footage/programming cannot be trusted.


I hope you find lots of fact and truth here, period. Also, monetary reform is not a radical new idea. Thousands of web sites, books and articles have been advocating this for years. Debt free money is still in use today (Island of Guernsey since 1822 for example).  What has changed however is the status of our world. At no time in recorded history have we been in such danger of losing control of our countries and governments. I doubt this is a "natural occurrence" but rather by design. The time for change is now as the future is looking grim.

I'll wrap this 'about' page up with some wisdom from the great Bill Hicks . . .

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Thanks again and I truly hope you enjoy your stay . . .