The sometimes ridiculousness of being Canadian

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The digital lynching of Sophie Grégoire Trudeau

Before I get ranting, it might be important to note that there are few things on earth that I care less about than government. To me it's a completely irrelevant and outdated institution. What does goat my get though are silly time wasters that distract us from the more pressing problems we have on our collective plate. I consider my involvement here as self defense: we piss and posh while the psychopaths that have hijacked our civilization are destroying the very planet we live on.

Here we go again, another silly distraction pumped up by compromised mainstream media, crazed sore loser partisans, the do good crowd and self righteous chest thumpers, among others, while around us the planet is teetering on the big burn.

The criticism and blathering around Sophie Grégoire Trudeau's comment about being overwhelmed and requiring more staff is breathtaking in both vitriol and pout content. I mean seriously, give your heads a shake. Are your lives dually so empty and full of hate that you have nothing better to do? What a pity that you choose to use your time alive in such a wasted manner. I truly hope you are not in a role position for anyone.

Now, of course everyone has a right to an opinion and the right to voice that opinion; no government or other human being has the right to take that away from you. But how constructive towards a solution is the constant gum flapping and outright cowardly bullying without a shred of practical content; those who are attacking SGT personally instead of discussing the idea of a pm spouse office? It's not and frankly makes you flappers look worse than children with some cases clearly in need of psychiatric assistance.

Let's get some concrete footing here, put a temp solution into place while working towards something more permanent that becomes effective next election. That's all: it will be a nothing more to see here, move along situation.

It's almost impossible to be the wife of a sitting prime minister in Canada without getting caught up in official duties. Many previous first wives have been down the same road so we have precedent. It makes sense then to design a job description for the spouse of a sitting pm. In the interim to the next election, it's only prudent that if SGT is employed in this role that she has some support.

Here's how we arrive at a number:

The previous conservative government spectacularly wasted so much of taxpayers money we can now leverage a twofold benefit:

1) CPC members don't have a single shred of credibility to criticize any one (except themselves) with regards to government spending waste

2) This waste has provided some moral footing to allow for a basic level of funds to the office of the pm spouse with no griping about spending

Sure two wrongs don't make a right but we're only talking interim until election next.

Let's use what I consider the second worst of the wasted money, waste that borders on theft:  $750M in partisan advertising via the taxpayer purse.

$750,000,000/9yr = $83M annually.

Wow, quite a number eh? This indeed is a little over the top so why don't we just settle on a nice round number of $1M/yr for the remainder of this mandate. The pm spouse office will be accountable for spending and made public at budget time each year. There is plenty here to offer Canadians a real benefit while at the same time allow us to construct a meaningful job description for this office.

Whether this is an ideal solution or not is irrelevant: it works for now and we have much larger problems to deal with immediately that will render this entire issue moot if we choose to ignore them.