L.A. Mayor threatens to cut off power & water to non conforming businesses

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Do what what the state says or be cut off. This is the totalitarian message the mayor of Los Angeles delivered. Listen to his delivery style, very measured and calculated, a careful cadence steeped in drama and using emotionally charged words. He even invoked the spectre of the recent fires. This speech is a great example of propaganda. To be sure, he may even believe what he is saying, may really believe he's acting in the best interest but that changes nothing.

In the case of individuals, 'shelter in place' under threat of force is called house arrest regardless of how the political and media types spin it.

Some factual sanity:

As of 2020.03.25, Los Angeles County had 669 cases with 11 deaths in a city with a population of 10,105,518. As a percentage of the population:

Cases: 0.007%
Deaths: 0.0001%

Deaths from influenza/pneumonia (2017): 685/9 = 76/mth*3 = 228
[total deaths divided by the number of months in the flu season multiplied by the same time frame as coronavirus activity]
Deaths from influenza/pneumonia (2017): 0.002%

So for a virus that kills 0.0001% of the population L.A. is under house arrest but for one that kills substantially more in comparison, ho hum, such is life. Also note the ** in the total cases screenshot: that number also includes deaths so it's actually 11 lower. I wonder how many other jurisdictions do that. Definitely going to skew the data!


Mayor's press conference: