The D2D Blog: 2020.04.03 Morning Edition

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Some observations from the world of the SARS-CoV-2 PANdemIC or Plandemic . . .

Today's Influenza/Pneumonia Statistics:

Jan - Apr 3: 18,589 cases influenza
Jan - Apr 3:   2,128 deaths (influenza/pneumonia using 2018 StatsCan)

Today's SARS-CoV-2 Statistics:

Jan - Apr 3: 11,747 cases
Jan - Apr 3:      152 deaths

As noted here, the UN is already coming after your money and in a big way!

Stealing Yet More of Your Money

How about drone surveillance to root out those sneaky coronavirus carriers? Ask and you shall receive!
"The Vital Intelligence Project is a health and respiratory monitoring platform involving utilizing new and existing camera networks as well as UAVs and RPAS being immediately commercialized for health monitoring and detection of infectious and respiratory conditions including monitoring temperatures, heart and respiratory rates, amongst crowds, workforces, airlines, cruise ships, potential at-risk groups, i.e., seniors in care facilities, convention centers, border crossings or critical infrastructure facilities. The breakthrough technology was developed in a collaboration between the University of South Australia and the DST (Australian Department of Defence Science and Technology Group)."

Here we have former FDA chair and Pfizer board member (ohh, wouldn't this just be the cat's ass for the pharmaceutical industry!) Scott Gottleib pitching for "massive sentinel, surveillance system". Sure Scott! Hey, what can go wrong?

[Interesting to note, mainly because the surname is not that common, that Scott shares his surname with Sidney Gottleib who was one of the psychos at the CIA working on mind control and MK-ULTRA in the 50's.]

Enter Andy Card, former career US politician and now board member of drone manufacturer DraganFly:
“Draganfly is honored to work on such an important project given the current pandemic facing the world with COVID-19. Health and respiratory monitoring will be vital for not only detection, but also utilizing the data to understand health trends. As we move forward, drones and autonomous technology doing detection will be an important part of ensuring public safety,” said Andy Card, Director of Draganfly and former Secretary of Transportation and White House Chief of Staff.

Add the technology:

pandemic drone optics.jpg

And what do we have: what is sure to become a fleet of drones roaming the skies whilst looking downward for those terrible people who have a fever. Doesn't really matter whether it's accurate or not, the state knows best. What next then: cops are summoned? Individual placed under medical quarantine AKA house arrest?

Down the road, then what: this technology claims to identify rapid breathing, rapid heart rate, they must be up to no good, call the cops?!

The entire idea is a liberty disaster and complete invasion of private property rights even before taking into account that the premise for consideration is manufactured in the first place…but of course that was potentially one of the points all along.

Those poor Australians! Those poor Americans, they're sure to be next! Don't wrap yourself up in your smugspread just yet Canada: this company is based out of Vancouver and given what we've seen to date, most definitely not out the realm of possibility to see and attempt made to put these tools of surveillance and control over Canadian cities/towns.

Ben Franklin said

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. ~ 11 November 1755
Draganfly Selected to Globally Integrate Breakthrough Health Diagnosis Technology Immediately onto Autonomous Camera’s and Specialized Drones to Combat Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Future Health Emergencies

The US stock market is worth taking a peak at. Yesterdays' close was just over 450 points higher while today's market is currently relatively tame at -280 (at time of typing, 10:55H).

How can this be: yesterday the BLS in the US announced 6.6 million Americans filed for UI benefits, this on top of the 3 million from last week. Compare this with a few hundred thousand which is a roughly normal amount. Today, it announced that 701K jobs were lost in March.

It should be noted too that the survey was done around the 13th of March before the biggus shutdownicus.  So then, with this disastrous numbers, why is the stock market not a smoking ruin?

Cue the US federal reserve:

Fed is helping the markets much more than during 2008 financial crisis
What it would take for the Fed to start buying stocks during coronavirus crisis

This will have the net effect of making things worse in the general sense. In a more specific view: correct me if I'm wrong, but when one buys stock on the stock exchange, they are buying shares in the company. If the fed is buying everything then there will be a lot of sellers give the current uncertainty. This in turn allows the fed to buy large stakes in traded companies effectively making the fed a massive controller of major swaths of US economic activity - if the view on the fed is it's a private bank. If the view is that the fed is a quasi governmental gang, then we have the state potentially purchasing, via made up money, corporate America.

I doubt that can end well . . .