Of frogs, pots and ponderage...a mental meander...

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Of frogs, pots and ponderage…a mental meander…

“The boiling frog is a fable describing a frog being slowly boiled alive. The premise is that if a frog is put suddenly into boiling water, it will jump out, but if the frog is put in tepid water which is then brought to a boil slowly, it will not perceive the danger and will be cooked to death. The story is often used as a metaphor for the inability or unwillingness of people to react to or be aware of sinister threats that arise gradually rather than suddenly.”
Boiling frog - Wikipedia>
A little memory exploration if you will: think back to a recent shower when you stepped into water that felt like it was just this side of molten, quite toasty and resulting in an immediate taperature adjustment to chillier temps. How long did the temperature stay on the colder side of your starting point? I would wager it was not long before the taperature was once again adjusted but this time upward. I would also wager that by the time you were finished the shower, the temperature of the water was very close to, or the same, as when you first stepped in…in some cases even hotter than starting I'm sure.

Next in the example line-up: an average Canadian winter, not including the actual north part of the Great White North, too brr. Let's say a relatively uniform winter that got rolling early Dec. with average temps of -5 to -10 C. It's now the 1st of April and the temperature of the day is 10C. Visualize what you would be wearing outside on April 1st vs say a Sept. day with the same 10C temperature: Hawaiian shorts and t-shirt compared to a jacket and long pants is my guess.

These visualizations are just two of the many examples of humans adapting to their environment. The first illustrates a certain rapidity and human control whereas the second suggests a gradual adaption that is biological and more automagic. As with a bunch of stuff human related, this strength can also be used to our detriment, exemplified by the 20th-21st centuries, particularly 2020.

Remember back in mid March 2020: “just for a couple of weeks”…you know, the alleged 14 day incubation period…"flatten the curve"…you know, so hospitals aren't overwhelmed. The latter never happened and here we are almost 365 days later; that's one helluva 14 day incubation period. Yet the media torrent continues. We are subjected to constant messaging, often ridiculously inconsistent, by political and medical types (these so called experts) in the form of edicts, restrictions, masks, guilt and fear which in turn constantly applies subtle messaging to the human grey matter.

As a society, a civilization actually, we are being incrementally conditioned like the shower or the seasonal temperature variations. Consider being told in January 2020 that you needed to endure 365 days of severe rights infringement…GO…not an easy sell and probably would have failed miserably.

I'm no longer a TV watcher so I have to rely on what others have written or talked about: the covid narrative is beginning to appear subtly, preaching masks, physical distancing, et al in some TV shows. Commercials too have integrated the narrative which is probably worse as they are repeated so often. No question, we can accurately call this propaganda.

Creeping step by step…

Check your favourite video site for examples of talking head politicians behaviour when they think the camera and/or mic is turned off…particularly now with the constant flogging of the mask. They know it's horse poop but appearances are everything when it comes to maintaining a narrative.

In the bigger picture frame:

So many past and present movies and TV shows paint a picture of govt and science having a certain population of baddies but in the end, it's only a few and the goodies of these groups prevail thereby saving the citizenry once again. In my opinion it's only delusion and/or denial that prevents a person from seeing the rampant corruption that has permeated every aspect of public/societal existence today; one just needs to look.

Remember: corruption does not necessarily mean career criminal/career douche-bag type activity. A wink here, a nod there, a person feeling they are doing a benign favour for another, “it's drug money–who is going to miss it?” and so on. We must keep in mind economies of scale here, cumulative effects: multiply these it-only-happened-once-or-twice type examples across all our social structures and populations. Further, even if the majority of folks only really do this once or twice, time moves on, staffing changes, new folks enter the picture. If a culture of wink, nod, look the other way has been gradually ingrained, this behaviour becomes a norm.

Think now to the gut punch so many of us feel in the presence of that which is perceived as unfair(ness), as injustice. Humans tend to have a visceral reaction to cheaters and scammers. These reactions, and a few others I'm sure, serve to foster anger and resentment, division and hostility.

What is insidious though is how media and talking political heads will spin things so that these negative emotional responses, which also help to cloud critical thinking, are blamed on certain segments of the public instead of on the politwits and media where it belongs.

This in turn results in the human equivalent of throwing a big hunk of dripping meat into a pool of alligators. Scumbags who are benefiting from corruption turn the responsibility focus back on the public instead, common practice.

Divide and conquer, because we allow it to, is a tactic that worx almost every time. This doesn't even include those career wankers, a group that seems to be getting larger and more prevalent every day.

Creeping step by step…

I would also wager that a similarly slow creep process will be utilized in reverse thereby hoping to ensure the public forgets about all the happy crappy pulled by bank/corp/govt/media during 2020/2021 and it's back to business as (their version of) usual without the annoyance of populations trying to figure out where their liberties went.

Although it has become 100% political, the so called pandemic event of 2020 should be the realm of science, biology in particular. This type of knowledge is very specific, very disciplined. Unlike some other areas of knowledge and skill, the phrase "ahh, close enough" absolutely does not apply since a very possible result is death. While an argument could be made that humanity is almost always in a pandemic, that it's the nature of life on earth, the WHO would disagree (The classical definition of a pandemic is not elusive), instead appearing to adopt a more specific definition which in turn further cements the idea of specifics, of an unambiguous approach when it comes to science, to biology. The Scientific Method itself is very specific, step by step; don't see a lot of ‘close enough’ in that process.

Once upon a time . . .I heard a story, conceptually a story which I think many of us have either experienced through our own children or perhaps as direct participants ourselves. An elementary aged student complained about having a reaction of sorts to something centred around their face, particularly a visually puffy cheek. Due to privacy issues, teachers are only allowed to poke and prod so far which resulted in no status change so the parents were called to the school. Concerns about Anaphylaxis (prevention only, there was no history) elevated the situation and an ambulance was also called. En-route to the hospital is when a first close examination of the child took place since the start. The paramedics discovered the child had jammed a foreign object hard against the inside of their cheek down by the teeth (molars) thus obscuring it from casual view. This had been done this on purpose. I asked the story relater: prior to the ambulance ride, how many opportunities did the child have to come clean about what was going on? They were confident it was at least 3 between immediate teacher, office, parent, etc. and one with the EMS members when they first got there.

What reason did the child give for maintaining the deception so long? The lie got too big.

There is evidence uncountable of bank/corp/govt/media doubling down on bullshit, even when it's shown to be bullshit…the lie gets too big. Consider 2020 and the actions of the govt/media segment in particular, selected simply due to their more public facing positions but in no way discounting the actions of those others sneaking around in the background. In poker speak so many of the govt types have gone 'all in'. To be shown having embraced and peddled (very) harmful turkey turd among populations, the same populations(s) that these individuals repeatedly claim to be a servant for and protector of, is most definitely career threatening (read: ending) both in the present sense and potential future employment…the lie has gotten too big, they are all in and doubling down the only option left.

Sounds like a personal problem to me…so why are we all paying the price?

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