Case Study: Narrative Manipulation

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Case Study: Narrative Manipulation

How vaccines can crush the variants and make reopening permanent in Canada

The CBC is at it again with this piece of propaganda but it does make for a good example of how the media manipulates perceptions, narratives and why their cooperation and compliance with bank/corp/govt is a crucial part of managing something like sars-cov-whatever.

Right off the bat with the article title, we have the narrative reinforced that a so called reopening is not guaranteed by the-powers-that-shouldn't-be, it can be altered. The way around this manufactured problem then are vaccines that will solve the problem with crushing effectiveness everybody's problems will be solved forever, yay!

Now that we have readers attention, let's rachet things right up to 10: tinderbox, threatens, Canada - are you kidding us with this? No they are not sadly as the reader is being emotionally manipulated - which has turned out to be the primary method used to not only create but help maintain the covidia terror illusion while at the same time managing the narrative in the minds, more importantly the hearts, of the media consuming public. Note the choice of vaccinated people in the image and 'Unvaccinated Canadians' in the title suggesting a difference between them. As the piece drones on, it seems to push the gap wider thereby making it easier to follow a divide and conquer/rule strategy. Note: kind of ironic the positioning of the clipart syringe in the poster and a couple of the people's heads.

Buried 2/3 of the way down the page is this highly divisive and inflammatory narrative plant that ties back to title in a nice 'lil package. Also note the as now standard practice of using vague generalizations, the old nugget 'experts' in this case here

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