Turnabout: it's not too late…yet.

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Carl Sagan
“One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we've been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We're no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It's simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we've been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.”
In my neck of the woods, well, the edge of it as trees do not a window make, a gaze towards the east this morning was rewarded with the magnificent colours of an unsullied sunrise, a reminder of the beauty and wonder of our world, our existence. To be sure, for many living in difficult circumstances it's very challenging to appreciate this beauty, understandable indeed, but for a large portion of humanity, the sunrise is visual beauty coupled with the spiritual reminder of a new day, a new start, a new chance to face our challenges, conquer that which seeks to stumble us.

Unfortunately, 2020 is the year…no, there have been similar shitstorms, 2020 is OUR year…when the poor choices of the past produce a direct and negative impact on the present and oh boy, is that one big steaming pile of poor choices. 2020 presents a bird's eye view of fear, hysteria, stunningly pathetic displays of adults being the very bullies that are complained about, blind compliance, the apparent (final) death of critical thinking, apathy, ignorance and that's just for starters. We've abdicated responsibility for the majority of our lives: we outsource our food, water, education, energy, behaviour (governance); even our personal waste is outsourced with a flush. We have lost the notion of personal responsibility for choices, actions favouring instead rows of ducks set up as scapegoats so we can blame someone or something else.

We have YET AGAIN fallen for that old trick of divide and conquer, hook, line and sinker, the last in the form of a 500 ton concrete block. Here we are, about to knock on the exit door of 2020 and we have house arrest (the accurate meaning for lockdown in our current context), heavy restrictions on ANYTHING that is socially connected, neighbours narking on neighbours, fellow humans viewed with suspicion, scores of bellowing self righteous virtue signalers riding about on their high horses and among all of this, lost among I might add, is the large group of humans who just want to be left alone to do their thing in a manner they see fit. This is the group that makes up the bulk of the "I just don't want any trouble" answers to the question "Why do you wear a mask?" Remarkably but I suppose again not surprisingly, a new religion, cult is more like it, has been created in a few short months that seemingly has more members than all other religions, past and present. Covid is its name, the mask its symbol.

Even more maddening, more disgusting, we now have a generation of children and teenagers being collectively abused by the very adults they require in order to stand a chance of surviving in our world. Directly or indirectly, words or actions, children are being instructed that their playmates are dangerous, that they must always keep a distance, tell on those that don't. They are forced to wear masks backed by zero scientific justification nor any in-depth research into the effects of continuously inhaling the chemically, and now biologically, coated fibres that are shed from cloth and manufactured materials (ask your local dryer lint all about this). We have allowed the return to fundamentalist obedience conditioning: eyes front, distance between desks, no talking, no turning around in your chair…all of that is very dangerous you see, all for your protection…porcus washicus!

Lastly but not leastly, we have the demographic group that has taken the full on brunt of this entirely manufactured pandemic: seniors, particularly those in long term care. There are well established protocols for long term care risk scenarios, I know, I've helped write them in the past. These protocols include policies and procedures to handle outbreaks of infectious disease…WTF happened? Answers are required and accountability must be demanded! Even more insidious: these folks do not circulate among the general population; outside of family, friends and staff, a tiny group in the big picture, these folks have very little contact with the population at large and yet they are included in the 'numbers' thereby inflating fear and panic where none should exist; disingenuous & misleading to say the least but despicable is more like it. But here's something the corporate media clown show probably failed to mention: in most instances, even if you were in the high risk group, even in LTC, if you were diagnosed with what is being called covid you stood close to a 70% of survival…think about that for second: even the group where the most fatalities attributed to the kill us all SARS-COV-2 were recorded, one had 70% chance of survival. What does this mean? In a word: bamboozle.

Behind the scenes, while we continue to squabble among ourselves like poorly behaved children and worse, yet again a small group of humans is posed to wreak havoc on the wider group. They have continued, accelerated, the infringement and assault upon our rights has human beings, rights this group has no authority in granting, period, nor authority to revoke without your consent. Soon, Canada included, one will not be able to travel without one's updated covid travel pass showing their infection free status followed shortly by confirmation that one has taken the covid jab as well. Of course none of this will be mandatory but also of course, should you refuse to comply, well then, loss of access to virtually all societal & social services will be the result relegating 'non mandatory' in this case to simply a great example of the term 'lip service'. This same group is coming after your private property with an attempt to sell you on the wondrous beautiful experience life will be if you own nothing and everything is just a service. This is the proverbial wet dream of the ASPD and Narcissist crowd: don't tow the line or perhaps speak out for liberty then poofola! you are cut off. Bank card not working, of course cash is deepsix'd by this same group so who is going to assist you: family and friends will be threatened with the same…but of course none of this will be 'mandatory'. Doubt this? Try buying food these days without a mask.

For head-in-sand-ers, none of the above will matter much, "doesn't affect me, so what". To them good luck as they will be woefully unprepared for what is coming. I reckon however that a large majority of this same crowd won't care much if their lives are totally controlled: it's their sense of comfort to have someone else making all the decisions, just throw a wee bit of bread and circus table scraps their way from time to time.

For those who cherish and respect their liberty and those of others, all is not lost, yet anyway. The window is closing rapidly but there is still time to salvage what has been stolen and to get back on track. Taking a page from countless novels and martial arts instruction: we must use their energy against them, them being any individual or group of individuals who attempt to infringe on your right to liberty and private property. In our current global context: while certainly not limited to but definitely personified by, 'them' is ASPD poster child Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum, authors of 'The Great Reset set to be unleashed in January 2021, check their website for details but don't worry about booking a seat, they'll be bringing ye ole reset right to your doorstep whether you are interested or not. Additionally, even though this piece is an OpEd, posting it under their 'agenda' banner strongly implies consent and condone. Enjoy this little slice of dystopia: 'Welcome to 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better'. There are scads of these groups but one thing is important of note: to these individuals the notion of government is simply as a tool to enact their agenda(s), period. They do not perceive countries and borders like the average peasant folk, rather they see one huge round sandbox at their disposal. We have ideologue zealots who believe the majority of humanity are essentially useless eaters to be disposed of; ask your local zionist about that one for example. Then we have what has been, IMHO, a growth industry in personality disorders concentrating at the top of bank/corp/gov, disorders that see individuals acting, often ruthlessly, in manners reflective of their troubled persons but unfortunately also having a very large damage radius.

My point here is: the individuals who are busily screwing us over do not think in terms of countries and governments and nor should we, that time has passed into history. It's time now to embrace fully, with our lives if need be, personal liberty and private property rights, which include person and body while at the same time letting go of the outdated notion of involuntary governance. I hope for the sake of their souls that any who read this nattering and balk at 'with our lives if need be' do not attend any Remembrance Day ceremonies. It is illogical to allow life affecting and altering decisions to be made on our behalf by people we've never met, who have never met us, know absolutely nothing about us and in many cases don't even live near. In a democracy, 50% + 1 is considered a majority. This then leaves almost 1/2 of a population not supporting those who claim to govern thereby rendering the idea of a democracy as fatally flawed as well. The special interest group at one end of a country successfully lobbying a federal government to enact legislation that benefits the special interest but is a cost and/or harm to the rest of the country is a good thing how exactly…rhetorical as it's obviously not.

It's interesting but yet again not surprising: folks are OK with majority rule so long as they are on the majority side. The minute there is a negative impact on them suddenly their tune changes like WKRP in the pilot episode. As an aside but connected: it's also (pathetically) interesting that we teach our children to be true to themselves, to stand up for what they believe in but we don't teach them that should those beliefs fall outside some so called social norm then they will be subject to ridicule and bullying much of it levied by the same individuals teaching the opposite.

Tough love is not something most folks are that keen on, I'm certainly one of 'em, but that's where we are at. As a chronic procrastinator, I understand this spot very well as will other procrastinators: kicking the can down the road almost invariably ends up in a much larger can than if we had just flattened it in the first place. We MUST put aside the bullshit, the division, the in-fighting. The largest contributor is emotion but other than some well deserved anger leveled at those who are screwing us as well as the person looking back at us in a mirror coupled with some passion, there is no room for emotion in this context. Logic, critical thinking and sound science is the name of the game. Those who truly believe there is such a thing as 'the science is settled' need not apply, move along and take your delusions with you, we can't be friends. The "it doesn't affect me" horse plop needs to be jettisoned too: a more negatively selfish attitude is hard to find. A person uttering this phrase is implying they are enjoying liberty as they see it but are also under no obligation to make any effort ensuring its preservation…that's other's problems and of course they can then blame those others for their own failing to boot. Rest assured however that this group is a solid example of what I mentioned previously: the minute they perceive infringement on them, it's a shrieking banshee moment with the individual going off on the infringement as well as why is nobody else doing anything about it, you know, the rest of the "it doesn't affect me" crowd.

It's a cliche based on solid truth: liberty/freedom is not a spectator sport.

I must caution: I say simple in the next paragraph but most assuredly do not say painless…this is something else procrastinators are well aware of.

My fellow Earthlings, complex problems call for simple solutions: irrevocably enshrining into our culture the concept of individual liberty, private property rights, a free market conflict resolution system (aka justice system) and a method of defending it all. Resting upon these four pillars, humanity will then organically develop in a manner that is orders of magnitude more beneficial to both us and the planet all the while being able to fully enjoy all our wonderful planet and civilization has to offer….with just a minimum of assholery, we are human after-all :)

I hope you enjoy your day and thanks for reading!

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