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In a shell of nuts: my fellow earthlings, you are being had, plain and simple. You are being had not just in the context of current events but in the entire context of bank/corp/govt. You are being had not just by the sitting party politwits of the day but by the entire concept of government itself.


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Just 'cause yer ma brutha, I won't mention that I've been pointing out what we need to do to solve our overall problems, govt et al, for well over 10 years now… Start Here :)
"After reading your 10 pages of thoughts."
Thanx for taking the time to read 'em, appreciated!
"Here’s my Quick opinion. First if you’re going to criticize the government for what they’re doing counteract with how you would do it."
"If you’re going to say that we need to get to the route explain how you would get to the route."
Assuming you're referring to the big picture, that is, out govie & reworked monetary system, a very valid point, one that I'm still exploring myself. There's no denying that we've gone down the rabbit hole far enough that simply turning the lights out on the govt idea overnight would not be the best way to proceed, even though it's the right way to proceed. Upon establishment of a system of law/conflict resolution based on Natural Law and NOT those laws created by a random bunch of peeps in big buildings somewhere, we'd be 90% of the way there. The fundamentals of Natural Law can be boiled down to:
  • don't intentionally commit violence towards another's person or property (aggression)
  • don't threaten to commit violence towards another's person or property (aggression)
  • don't steal their stuff
  • don't wreak their stuff
"In my opinion the government is doing the best job they can with the services and Resources they have for fighting this virus."
We have been friends long enough that I know that you know that your opinion is held in high regard by me, so my points here are not a dis against it but rather an expression of my opinion.

In the case of SARS-CoV-2, what exactly has the govt group been doing besides potentially bankrupting a huge chunk of our provincial and national economies? For any who have worked in healthcare, long term and nursing facilities (and in case any one happens to read this who doesn't know either of us, I have spent a few years working in this area), they can attest to the fact that all we're seeing is the execution of localized policy and procedure manuals. While these manuals were indeed created under the auspices of govt regulation, that is because they had no choice, govt sanction would be the result for non compliance. Without govt oversight, these facilities should/would have an even pickier more stringent client(s): the resident/patient and/or the family members of same. These policy and procedure manuals are SOP for any scenario that could prove to be a direct threat to their patients, residents. If they are not written and executed on these premises, then why would we want/allow our loved ones to be in a facility of this type in the first place? Due diligence . . .

Govt has no resources of its own, so the resources in question are actually ours, the peeps who live in the territory claimed by the govt gang. As for their services: there are uncountable examples where private sector service delivery is far superior to govt delivered ones. While a counter argument may be made saying the same could be said in reverse, this number in my research is far less and is very often in the presence of govt regulation anyway, hampering private sector service delivery.

"You talk about how the government puts fear in everybody, we need to be afraid."
[note: while obviously they are connected, there is a difference between being afraid and fear] Of what? What guarantees are there that an asteroid won't hit us at any given time? You won't be hit by a car, despite 'safely' walking the sidewalk? Tripping down the stairs? Hit by a baseball while playing? I'm not trying to be flippant or facetious here, it's reality as I see it, and the list of potentials is almost endless. If we lived our lives in constant fear, we'd die of stress related illness while curled in fetal position in the house long before old age got us. To be sure, if someone wants to live their life in this fashion, all the power to 'em, but count me out and they have no right to expect me to respect their judgment passing should I not feel the same way.

"This virus is killing people all around the world. It’s OK to be afraid."
[note: just wanted to mention that I'm aware and pretty sure your intention was these two sentences connected to the one previous.]
Yes it is but so are many others, particularly influenza and pneumonia. In the case of the latter, the end result of COVID-19 is very similar to, and in many cases is, pneumonia. As of today (using a yearly total as a starting point; I'm having trouble locating monthly/daily recorded data), and in the same time frame as SARS-CoV-2, Jan1 - Apr8, influenza/pneumonia has killed 2,285 vs 380 for COVID-19. This is 6 times more and yet we don't shut down the world each year for that do we?

It's OK to be afraid indeed but as with so many things 'human', this emotion manifests itself in degrees on a scale from, "what's that you say?" to *cowering in the corner, petrified*. Fear is a natural human response and can be very important in species and individual survival: fight or flight is part of this mechanism. As with almost everything in our known existence, balance is the name of the game. Being often hard to achieve should make it no less a sought after goal, virtually always. Tipping the balance in favour of the cowering side is paralyzing to a human while concurrently making them more pliable, in turn more accepting of shiite they normally wouldn't be. Here's some fear stuff:  Human Behaviour - Fear

Interestingly, we do need to apply a little 'afraid' based on how the govt group is handling this event; it sure appears that the cure is going to be worse than the disease.

Here's a quick example: it's hard to deny that the mass media and govt group, globally, have been hyping and fear mongering up SARS-CoV-2 beyond what its real impact appears to be. It's also science that one of, or the, best defences against viral infection is the body's immune system, assuming it's in good health and good working order. This in turn means adequate vitamin C, vitamin D and good overall nutrition are a must have. So now everyone is being societally pressured, in some cases governmentally forced, to stay at home, in many cases inside, while at the same time a heightened state of fear is being maintained, itself spawning anxiety and stress. So now we have already weakened immune systems (side effect of winter in the northern hemisphere) that are being subjected to anxiety and stress, which in turn have harmful effects on human health. This will obviously make it far more difficult to naturally fight off a serious infection. Further, as is the case with many (corona) viruses, the 'initial version' is often a milder version. When humans take this version onboard, the immune system builds up antibodies and resistance so should a more potent version come along, we already have a leg up or potential immunity to that strain as well.
"You talked about getting to the root of the problem , I believe we have found the root of the problem we’re trying to find out how to solve it."
We'll have to agree to disagree on this one my friend. SARS-CoV-2 is a problem, but not a root problem IMHO. Devastating viral and bacterial outbreaks/epidemics/pandemics have occurred through out history and will most likely continue to occur. Since these same sometimes-pain-in-the-ass entities have been part of essentially all of human existence as far as science can tell, then this is merely another from a very large list of things and events that threaten individuals and species of every walk of earthling life every second of existence.

There has never been a 100% guarantee of long life, again only varying degrees, and dependent on responsible reactions to events, paying attention: looking after oneself and any they have agreed to do so for, i.e. family, and attempting to tailor an environment that offers some safety and security. Really, a successful (but not necessarily happy; for another discussion) human life on our planet is making the best of a tough situation and living! Not philosophical claptrap either IMHO, it's observably the way our world works.

The second bad news that arises from tipping the balance in favour of fear: fear is an emotional response. Like many many other examples in our civilization, effective problem solving requires balance here too between the emotional and the mental/practical/pragmatic. It's also IMHO exactly what we're experiencing these days: a substantial tip to the outright fear side, stoked by media and govt, provoking strong emotional responses that drown the mental resulting in paralysis, compliance and group think.

If looking at SARS-CoV-2 specifically, there is a root cause for the virus introduction and initial spread, however, we may never know what that is due to assessment complexity, govt meddling or both. Since they, the govt group, are so happy to claim that their responses saved the day while offering no evidence to back up the claim, one root cause investigation I would love to see, that being how the govt group impeded and buggered up the response. We'll most likely never see that one either.

I read recently (paraphrase):

"SARS-CoV-2 will be the first virus in history predominantly spread by the (social) media."

"Your input would be greatly appreciated with the government if you could solve the root of the problem. Please forward the information.
The govt gang doesn't want my input as it would mean giving up their jobs; never going to happen voluntarily, too good a gig for them! :)

"Put on your Todd Ford hat for a day and help us out of this mess . We are waiting for your call"
Don't need anything from that wanker to help out of the mess: resign and take the lot with ya! ;)

"Love D. Please excuse my grammar, this is a voice text. LOL. Rock on"
Love T. Consider it excused! Will do and same back atcha!

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