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In the list of top 10 jobs/careers for psychopaths, coming in at #10 are civil servants, TV/radio media person at #3 and CEO at #1. Dr. Robert Hare says this: "Robert Hare claims that the prevalence of psychopathic traits is higher in the business world than in the general population, reporting that while about 1% of the general population meet the clinical criteria for psychopathy, figures of around 3–4% have been cited for more senior positions in business." Given that government is littered with former corp exec types on top of civil servant types, it is safe to assume that there is a large group of psychopathic/sociopathic wankers in the upper echelons of government, corporate and banking; they are drawn to these posts/positions like the proverbial moth to the flame. Interesting to note that while narcissism stands on its own as a personality disorder, it is also one of the traits of a psychopath. The vast majority of psychopathic types are not Ted Bundys.

Psychopathic types don't give a shit about anyone else, they are merely tools to an end or perhaps the end itself. The average psychopath would figuratively (or literally) slit your throat then proceed to lose their shit on you for getting their floor messy. There is no known 'cure' for these disorders so cutting them out of one's life is the only way…unfortunately, when they are in bank/corp/gov positions, this can be tricky to do.

While the large majority of humanity seemingly has no idea, the global economy, including those at the nation level (particularly but not exclusively China/Italy/US) is/are on life support. They have been for some time. The fault for this financial disaster, aside from us for not paying attention, falls squarely at the feet of the bank/corp/gov sectors. SARS-CoV-2 is not the cause of today's financial instability, merely a catalyst for the inevitable. Unfortunately, the worst is yet to come and after this massive manufactured overreaction of essentially shutting down a civilization, well, yeah, not a good scene upcoming.

Now, these assholes, particularly government, are not only facing economic disaster they are also facing an aging population. An aging population in countries that have social pensions and social healthcare (US too via Medicare/Medicaid) poses an interesting predicament…especially when the cupboards are bare due to the previous swiping of these funds or no funds at all. Looking at three of the hardest hit so far, China/Italy/US, all three have state pensions, state healthcare and an aging population. Italy is #2 for age second only to Japan and has extremely generous social programs.

Then along comes SARS-CoV-2, which interestingly enough, hits (kills) older folks with underlying medical conditions the hardest. One step further, it hits (kills) any with underlying more than those that don't. Not an entirely unique position, influenza/pneumonia are the same, but it's new, has a kinship in the collective mind with SARS & H1N1 and hit during the age of social media unlike any in the past. This sure takes some heat off of future healthcare costs and pension payouts.

Whether by design, accident or nature, one thing is absolutely clear: this coronavirus is the best thing to happen to the bank/gov group in almost forever. A pandemic speaks to deep fear, makes a population easier to manage/control as they will welcome almost anything put to them by 'authorities'.

  • Yellow vest protests in France - gone
  • Hong Kong protests - gone
  • Oil pipeline/blockade - gone
  • Alberta, what Alberta? - gone
  • Silly blue license plates and nasty teachers - gone
(note how fordo, having lost the PR war that was the teacher strike managed to magically strike a deal with the largest union ETFO in the first week of this horseshit)
  • US election - gone
  • Pesky impeachment fallout - gone
  • Forcing people to communicate primarily by cell and internet which can be easily monitored and tracked
  • The rotted cesspool that the banking sector has become - WIN
  • Friends of the rotted cesspool that the banking sector has become - WIN
  • Continue to lay the groundwork to get rid of cash - WIN

Protesters were conveniently removed from the street by gov limiting large gatherings, implementation of deeper surveillance of citizens, more money to the parasitic class.

But most of all, and here's the big one: if this little virus turns out not to be for example Spanish Flu deadly or worse in its impact, the government gang, having carefully groomed a TV image, especially after fumbling early on, and is already Stockholm Syndrome-ing the population, will claim that all 'their efforts', including the medical martial law we're under and all the money they printed out of thin air saved the day. They will come off as heroes with beautiful shiny new coats, saviours! You need us, see! they will claim, with the future benefits of this new status being a gift that will keep on giving…hopefully right through the next election cycle.

Unfortunately there is a real danger to everyone here too. As mentioned previously, all the major economies of the globe, Canada included, are already past the tipping point and will continue to slide into deep financial goo. All this money printing is going to have catastrophic effects not only on the purchasing power of our dollar but also in retirement savings between the depleted dollar and pension fund losses in the stock market among other things.

We need to keep our eyes peeled for any, who, in sports play parlance 'coming running up the middle' with solutions to save the world like a global currency and/or global governance. These folks are the real threat turning out to be either be grand opportunists or grand perpetrators.

There is a bright side however, but for another post. With any luck, humans will begin to realize what a totally unsustainable, and in some cases, unnecessary in the context of commercial products, existence we've been living. Perhaps we will grow up some, maturing to recognize that a new direction is needed as the one we've been going in is a failure.

From a comment I made earlier in the day . . .

"If there was testing available the numbers would be staggering."

I would also wager that if we did the same with seasonal flu and/or pneumonia, those numbers would also be staggering.

I have indeed been following NYC and hoping their data is accurate (including the actual tests themselves) given the large amount of testing being done. The logical starting point for transmission rate high numbers is again population density and how they live. NYC is the most densely populated city in the US ranging from 3,132/persons/sq-km on Staten Island to 27,826/persons/sq km in Manhattan.

More telling though is the death rate vs underlying conditions. Using today's 4pm data from the NYC Dept of Health, I put it in my spreadsheet which is attached. The third last column is the percentage of fatalities with confirmed underlying health issues and the second last column is the same but with the pending confirmation numbers added. As we can see, these numbers are very similar to Italy: the vast majority of deaths come with existing underlying health issues. The 'other wise healthy', last column, a mere fraction.

More information will need to be gathered for sure and as time rolls on, these numbers may change up or down percentage wise, but at this point in time, underlying health is clearly the biggest problem.
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