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A comment I found interesting, some solid points to think about . . .

DKradelWillRock88 said

We can spend future decades tinkering at the edges of what has given us this deep state swamp over past decades.

Or, we can focus on what has enabled the elite swamp to be seeded in our legal and financial systems; and, ultimately, to get itself declared equivalent to a Natural Person under Law, although it was only Property; and, to make its Money more powerful that Human Votes within our legislatures; and, ultimately, to neuter our American Constitution; all of which, has rendered us a Nation of disenfranchised paupers standing at the edge of Ruin.

We need to take a hatchet and a blow torch to Citizens United; and, change radically the existing legal definitions of Corporate Standing.

That hatchet and that blow torch must come in the form of a Constitutional Amendment that states explicitly that a Corporation is "Property"; and, is, explicitly, NOT a "Person"; and, that a Corporation is explicitly, not equivalent, or comparable, to living Natural Citizens, who are always Sovereign and Supreme within American Constitutional Jurisdiction.

Secondly, that Constitutional amendment must state explicitly that no Corporation shall have legal standing to be present in our legislatures for the making of NEW Law, unless summoned by the legislature; but, shall have full legal standing to be present within any and all Administrative Forums for the purpose of representing Corporate Interests under EXISTING Law.

Thirdly, that amendment must state explicitly that Corporate Felonies that transgress upon; and impair, the Constitution of the United States, shall NOT be sanctioned by Fines; but, shall be Punished by Revocation of Corporate Charter.

If at any time over the past four decades, American Citizens had availed themselves of enough Moral and Intellectual wherewithal to impose the above stated Amendments, we would not today have vertically integrated Corporate Monopolies in every Major sector of our national Economy; and, Corporate Lobbyists would NOT today own every significant entity of our National Government; and, we would NOT be Electoral orphans under our Constitution.  

Without those changes to our National rule of Law, anything that our present leadership  achieves today to submit Corporate Power to the will of American Citizens will be annulled almost immediately.

Make no Mistake, this narrative might sound esoteric, or tangential; but, the people behind the Corporate Monopoly Power, that only recently gave us Citizens United, had the Moral and Intellectual wherewithal to spend the last hundred and fifty years working to put Citizens United in Place.

We must now know what we must do to reverse it; or, in a hundred and fifty years our Constitutional Rights will not even be a reference in any future version of The Way Back Machine.

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