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Consent Factory, Inc. is a market-leading provider of post-ideological consulting services to private and public sector clients throughout the developed (and in some cases developing) world. Experts in the fields of behavioral and psychological conditioning, we offer an extensive range of individually-customized strategic planning and implementation services in the following areas: education (all levels); parenting; advertising and marketing; media (traditional and alternative); governance; arts and culture; spirituality; science and medicine; and many others. Our specialties include: privatization; globalization; deindustrialization, outsourcing and offshoring; crisis generation and exploitation; pathologization of political and/or moral issues; establishment and maintenance of epistemological and perceptual boundaries; normatology; narrative reinforcement; secularization of underexploited global markets; attention span reduction; confusion optimization; and so on.

Please note that, although we do, from time to time, coordinate with corporate-friendly dictators and murderous authoritarian regimes on behalf of some of our clients, the Consent Factory remains fanatically committed to the establishment and maintenance of global neoliberalism (i.e., laissez faire capitalism), and thus opposes all forms of despotism that prevent our clients from forcing into debt, aggressively privatizing, and then ruthlessly exploiting whatever markets they (i.e., these murderous despots) control. Simply put, we don’t care how you oppress your own people at home, as long as you’re playing ball with our clients globally.

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2nd July 2020, 8:21 am The New (Pathologized) Totalitarianism 0 comments