India Covid Crisis

A look at the coronavirus flair up in India.
Of the 162 oxygen plants sanctioned last year under pressure from the PMO, only 35 are in production as yet. Thanks to the Prime Minister’s intervention in April, nearly 90 will begin to operate by the close of May, with many more on the way. In the same way, the supply of drugs will be ramped up.
Modi’s intervention set to control Covid-19 tsunami within weeks - The Sunday Guardian Live
So then, what DOES the actual DATA say? Surely we should care, right?
NO medical advice or information, NO conflicting with WHO (remember they shared the Prof Ioannidis paper in their Oct 2020 bulletin).
Just the data and some scientific inferences - period. DOWNLOAD here and use with my permission (just click yes to cookies - no need to subscribe):
Short Video on India Situation: What does the Current Data Say?
The prime minister’s party is vying to dethrone a powerful politician in West Bengal. Even a close race could demonstrate the growing reach of his Hindu nationalist movement.
A Fierce Election Tests Modi’s Campaign to Remake India - The New York Times

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So here's the story.

The state of West Bengal where elections are being held was ruled by commies for 30 years and another 10 years by a corrupt third party politician who has been encouraging muslim migrants from Bangladesh and favoring them. Most of the leftist intellectual mafia originated from this state.

Modi's party BJP made its mort serious attempt to win the state and is still expected to win it. That's the reason the second wave was unleashed in the middle of the voting somehow create disgust for Modi and stop his party from winning the state.

If the left loses West Bengal, it will mean end of their dream of muslim migrants becoming majority in the state. Also, the commie media will become starved of state funding via advertisement. Its a high stake battle and both China and demonrats of US want to keep BJP from winning the state.

States of Maharashtra, Delhi, Chhattisgarh, Kerala, UP or Karnataka account for 85% of infection & active COVID19 cases in India.

There were no elections in any of these 6 States in last 12 months.