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Case Study: Narrative Manipulation

Case Study: Narrative Manipulation

How vaccines can crush the variants and make reopening permanent in Canada

The CBC is at it again with this piece of propaganda but it does make for a good example of how the media manipulates perceptions, narratives and why their cooperation and compliance with bank/corp/govt is a crucial part of managing something like sars-cov-whatever.

Of Agendas...

In human/social events however there is motivation at work be it benign or malignant; if there wasn't the term ‘couch potato’ would become synonymous with human being. Actions undertaken with purposeful motivation (versus motivation generated by the fight or flight response, that being somewhat automagic and not purposeful) strongly implies that goal(s) are being worked towards, a desired outcome having been predetermined.

I think that's enough to comfortably say unless there is some solid gold evidence to the contrary is presented, human beings act and they act purposefully, they have an agenda, we all have an agenda.

Of fargin' masks…yet again

Unsurprisingly it's yet again the mask issue that sparked it all. I've mentioned before and will continue to do so (my personal position in this example is irrelevant): assuming there is an agenda at work here, who or whomever suggested turning the mask narrative around, that is, away from personal protection to that of protecting others gets a very begrudging tip of the virtual hat from me for its cleverness: in a frightened frenzied public this reversal is an excellent tool of control and manipulation particularly as a result of the same public doing all the heavy lifting for you.

Histrionics and Talking Heads

Enter the adult, many of whom reach this life point with some semblance of imagination intact. Considering the recent video behaviour by the new head of the CDC, I reckon we're witnessing this same principle in action. By appealing to emotion, primarily fear, but not actually spelling out any sort of specific results of the behaviour this individual is going on about leaves folks with only their imaginations which, especially when fear driven, will arrive at all sorts of horrifying possibilities in their respective minds…better listen to what she is saying then!!

Of Elections...a mental meander

For better or worse, we currently live in a world that contains government. This consensual system puts small groups of individual humans in authority over the population at large. Looking back throughout history, actions and decisions emanating from this group have resulted in blatant rights infringement, hardship and death being inflicted upon this same population over and over and over and at scales that almost defy comprehension. To make matters more acute, this has been going on for centuries. It is absolutely astounding then that any society claiming to be a democracy, republic, et al tolerates anything less than an as close to perfect election system as is humanly possible with the only true wildcard being chance happenstance, a natural disaster for example.

Case Study: Property Rights vs Freedom of Expression

There is much to consider surrounding human conflict resolution and restitution but from a high level view at least this case is indeed a good example for that discussion.

Foundations: Education Part #2 - Will that be dine in, take out or delivery?

There's a certain sad irony embedded within the very core of an education system, particularly state operated. As individual humans we are unique. Sure, there are many common traits, common behaviours, common bodily functionality, etc., but in the end, regardless of commonality overlap and with the possible exception of some twins, the sum of the parts of a human equal a unique individual. It is with use of the 'observation + experimentation = knowledge' formula that we are able to say this with confidence.

In the previous article, I proposed a working definition of education as 'the acquisition of knowledge'. We can also state that an education system is the provision of the tools and structure required to provide this acquisition of knowledge. How ironic is it then that a certain group, in this case the govt group, claims 'righteous monopoly' over the delivery of education services using fatally flawed one size fits all models as its basic overall strategy?

Of frogs, pots and ponderage…a mental meander…

Remember: corruption does not necessarily mean career criminal/career douche-bag type activity. A wink here, a nod there, a person feeling they are doing a benign favour for another, “it's drug money–who is going to miss it?” and so on. We must keep in mind economies of scale here, cumulative effects: multiply these it-only-happened-once-or-twice type examples across all our social structures and populations. Further, even if the majority of folks only really do this once or twice, time moves on, staffing changes, new folks enter the picture. If a culture of wink, nod, look the other way has been gradually ingrained, this behaviour becomes a norm.

One Size Fits One

I'm sure most of us have heard the phrase ‘one size fits all’. In the context of humans and human behaviour, there is a ratio here: the one-size-fits-all idea begins failing in direct relationship to the number of humans making up the ‘all’ bit. In my experience it doesn't take a very large number of peeps before this occurs, before one size no longer fits all. It most assuredly does not work/apply even at the neighbourhood level not to mention regional, provincial, national. It really should be ‘one size fits one' with anything beyond that being just a bonus. Even the wording of the phrase itself shows its fallacy: in terms of body size, entirety or individual parts, it is undeniable that the human race is made up of creatures that comprise a complete range of sizes in 360 degrees.

The Case Against The Case

Impelled by the notions that science is oppression and criticism is violence, the central regulation of debate and inquiry is returning to respectability — this time in a humanitarian disguise. In America, in France, in Austria, and Australia and elsewhere, the old principle of the Inquisition is being revived: people who hold wrong and hurtful opinions should be punished for the good of society. If they cannot be put in jail, then they should lose their jobs, be subjected to organized campaigns of vilifi cation, be made to apologize, be pressed to recant. If government cannot do the punishing, then private institutions and pressure groups — thought vigilantes, in effect — should do it. ~ Jonathan Rauch

Case And Point

In recent months, accelerating seemingly by the week, there has been an obvious shift in emphasis away from what really matters in any health related situation, legitimate hospitalizations & fatalities, and on to the so called 'case'. IMHO, and I explain my reasoning in a separate article, the manner in which the corp media, govt groups et al are using the term case is a complete misrepresentation of the meaning of the word. IMHO this is obvious simply by examining some dictionary definitions so I can only conclude that we're not looking at random chance here, incompetence or simply 'the evolution of a story' but rather a conscious decision to do so. Example: for pretty much everyone in the Northern Hemisphere, most assuredly in Canada at least, the colour orange has signified warning/caution and the colour red has signified danger/threat. I think it would be hard to effectively argue against the extremely pervasive use of this colour scheme in exactly this manner. I also think it would be hard to argue against this scheme having been used this way for literally generations.

Foundations: Education Part #1 - What Is Education, Why Should We Care?

Most provinces and territories in Canada have favourite dented cans that the politicians and residents alike love to kick around from time to time, good water cooler chat, good optics from the govt gang perspective. This alphabet rearrangement will focus on one of these cans, namely education which in turn I hope will be part of a bigger collection examining the pillars of our society and reality.

Turnabout: it's not too late…yet.

Unfortunately, 2020 is the year…no, there have been similar shitstorms, 2020 is OUR year…when the poor choices of the past produce a direct and negative impact on the present and oh boy, is that one big steaming pile of poor choices. 2020 presents a bird's eye view of fear, hysteria, stunningly pathetic displays of adults being the very bullies that are complained about, blind compliance, the apparent (final) death of critical thinking, apathy, ignorance and that's just for starters. We've abdicated responsibility for the majority of our lives: we outsource our food, water, education, energy, behaviour (governance); even our personal waste is outsourced with a flush. We have lost the notion of personal responsibility for choices, actions favouring instead rows of ducks set up as scapegoats so we can blame someone or something else.

Mania Maskuria - The Region of Waterloo - Part #2

Hard to believe how far we've allowed ourselves to sink in such a short period of time. The Region of Waterloo *unanimously* approved mandatory mask wearing bylaws effective July 13th until at least Sept. 30th. To say this is a reckless decision and a blatant infringement on our rights as human beings is an understatement. Why? Oh, perhaps due to the fact that there is almost ZERO science proving masks effective in this situation but even further, there is ZERO data to back up this ridiculous decision; quite the opposite actually. Don't even get me started on the irony of the regional chair's first name . . .

Mania Maskuria - The Region of Waterloo - Part #1

Examination of COVID-19 activity and why the data does not support mandatory masks not to mention the egregious human rights infringement.

The Race to Ism

Racism is not a verb, it does not describe action. Racism, discrimination, these are just words we use to describe internal and communicated human behaviour not a given part of nature, not something that was inherent to the planet prior to our arrival on it for example. There is little to no verifiable evidence that different groups of humans are 'wired' in such a way as to perceive other groups of humans as inferior or superior thereby making someone's belief in their superiority based on skin colour or any other biological characteristic a silly fallacy that has been learned, most likely as a result of the behaviour of others, parents for example.

Liberty For All

Libertarianism only requires societal agreement on one thing: liberty for all. Any other system requires agreements among many, both people and problems: difficult at best, or agreement among none, totalitarianism: worst. These systems end up failing at one point or another, sometimes spawning progress, maturity and forward motion for the population or repeating themselves over and over in a kind of groundhog day manner, a reset each time, dictator after dictator, democracy after democracy down through the ages.

Given what we know about our world and how we as humans operate, the only solution is individual liberty based immovably on private property rights; private property which includes you as a person and your body.

Spike In Cases!

The mainstream media, just like clockwork, have begun anew the building of fear and hysteria with their collective proclamations of: Spike in cases! Humans, or at least the current generations inhabiting Ye Ole Earth at the moment, have (developed) short attention spans. The reasons and motives are for another tale. The riot/protest narrative was losing front page steam but did make a nice segue (back) into Spike in cases!. The average Joe/Josephine who are vicariously experiencing our turbulent times though the lens of mainstream media may have had sympathy for the peaceful protesters, disgust mixed with a little dark bit of giddiness towards the rioters/looters cuz 'stick it to the man, man' and a willingness to offer support beyond clicking a like button.

Speed Kills

"Speed kills, Del" ~ Dr. Johnny Fever

Over the course of the last few decades, perhaps a wee bit more, human life here on planet earth has steadily been putting the peddle to the metal, an acceleration which did not abate any after the turning of the 21st century, the opposite actually. Individually we are rush, race, go here, be there, microwave this, fast food that. As a society, our consumption and expansion has continued, increased. In neither case however has our overall maturity level kept pace and we are now finding ourselves ill equipped to handle both the social challenges and technological advancements we've made during the last century or so.

Analysis: Ontario SARS-CoV-2 Model Release

Some thoughts on the modelling data released 2020.04.03 by the Ontario government group.

The D2D Blog: 2020.04.03 Morning Edition

Some observations from the world of the SARS-CoV-2 PANdemIC or Plandemic . . .

Today's Influenza/Pneumonia Statistics:

Jan - Apr 3: 18,589 cases influenza
Jan - Apr 3:   2,128 deaths (influenza/pneumonia using 2018 StatsCan)

Today's SARS-CoV-2 Statistics:

Jan - Apr 3: 11,747 cases
Jan - Apr 3:      152 deaths

One More Appeal

In a shell of nuts: my fellow earthlings, you are being had, plain and simple. You are being had not just in the context of current events but in the entire context of bank/corp/govt. You are being had not just by the sitting party politwits of the day but by the entire concept of government itself.

Why Bailout Money is a Bad Thing

What humanity needs to do, but hasn't as of yet, is learn to strike a balance between these two axioms. If done right, we can get pretty close to having our collective cake and eating it too, complete with money hidden in it like days of old. While working hard to ensure the development of a set of products and services that allow those (this would include charitable organizations as well for example) who wish to embark upon the nurturing of those not able to do so for themselves while not forcing others to if they so choose, we must also stop being responsible for the failure and/or lack of foresight of others. Doing this turns entire societies into dependants on some thing or individual, often government which is just the way that crowd loves things, while in turn forfeiting liberty. This dependency also makes us 'soft', that is, ill-equipped to deal with our personal problems, societal problems and environment, all of which can be changing and hostile at any time.

L.A. Mayor threatens to cut off power & water to non conforming businesses

Do what what the state says or be cut off. This is the totalitarian message the mayor of Los Angeles delivered. Listen to his delivery style, very measured and calculated, a careful cadence steeped in drama and using emotionally charged words. He even invoked the spectre of the recent fires. This speech is a great example of propaganda. To be sure, he may even believe what he is saying, may really believe he's acting in the best interest but that changes nothing.

Don't Believe The Hype

For the first time in a long time, the pace of our existence has changed. Many of the circumstances surrounding our recent collective experience are new; very few folks are still with us who would have had even conceptually similar experiences, most have passed on. Further, due to advancements in technology, similar past experiences are not really possible anymore; digital data and information delivery changed the old playing field completely and there is no going back.

Calm 'n Critical

If I never hear the terms 'social distancing' and 'self isolating' again I will daisy push a happy camper. This desire has nothing to do with wanting life back to normal, that ship has forever sailed, welcome to a whole new show, but rather the ease with which folks are normalizing these ideas and negatively judging, or worse, anyone who does not jump on this bandwagon. The phrases have been made trendy and fashionable, gross. It's also important to note that this type of embrace is only happening because the lights are still on and potable water is still running. Change either of those two dynamics . . .

Keeping It On The Radar

This is a collection of stuff that caught my eye and that I want to keep an eye on. For the most part, stuff here has not been fact checked yet most likely due to lack of time. If stuff turns out to be dragon dung, I'll remove it, if not, I'll also remove it but it will be posted elsewhere on the site. Bottom line: this is an unvetted collection bucket of info.

SARS-CoV-2 Overview

Based on many comments, memes and posts I've seen on social media over the last few weeks, one would get the impression that humans have never been exposed to a virus before. My personal most disliked ones are those that outline a potential trail of infection from one person to another usually ending up with the text painting the 'perpetrator' as a bad person while at the same time exposing the virtues of 'self isolation' or 'social distancing'. Ridiculous at best, misinformed fear mongering is more like it. Humans live, and have lived, in a world full of viruses for much of their existence as a species. Further, we carry many of these viruses around without even knowing it meaning we develop no symptoms nor illness as a result.

Wikipedia: A Disinformation Operation?

"Wikipedia is generally thought of as an open, transparent, and mostly reliable online encyclopedia. Yet upon closer inspection, this turns out not to be the case.

In fact, the English Wikipedia with its 9 billion worldwide page views per month is governed by just 500 active administrators, whose real identity in many cases remains unknown."

The Wet'suwet'en Pipeline

Closer to home, Canada has a host of issues of its own to deal with. The one I'd like to look at this morning is the ongoing pipeline issue with the Wet’suwet’en Nation and the supportive protests and blockades all across the country. Interestingly, this is actually an easy one to solve but because of government action past and present, the problem is much larger than it needs to be.