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News: 2020-2021 Public Schools: The Accelerated Indoctrination and Health Destroying System of Child Control Due to a ‘Virus’

And so the coronavirus schooling stage begins, not as advertized to help children and keep them safe, but to mold them in the transhumanism ideology that will train them to think and act as if they are programmed.

News: Foundations: Education Part #2 - Will that be dine in, take out or delivery?

There's a certain sad irony embedded within the very core of an education system, particularly state operated. As individual humans we are unique. Sure, there are many common traits, common behaviours, common bodily functionality, etc., but in the end, regardless of commonality overlap and with the possible exception of some twins, the sum of the parts of a human equal a unique individual. It is with use of the 'observation + experimentation = knowledge' formula that we are able to say this with confidence.

In the previous article, I proposed a working definition of education as 'the acquisition of knowledge'. We can also state that an education system is the provision of the tools and structure required to provide this acquisition of knowledge. How ironic is it then that a certain group, in this case the govt group, claims 'righteous monopoly' over the delivery of education services using fatally flawed one size fits all models as its basic overall strategy?

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