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News: Liberty For All

Libertarianism only requires societal agreement on one thing: liberty for all. Any other system requires agreements among many, both people and problems: difficult at best, or agreement among none, totalitarianism: worst. These systems end up failing at one point or another, sometimes spawning progress, maturity and forward motion for the population or repeating themselves over and over in a kind of groundhog day manner, a reset each time, dictator after dictator, democracy after democracy down through the ages.

Given what we know about our world and how we as humans operate, the only solution is individual liberty based immovably on private property rights; private property which includes you as a person and your body.

News: Case Study: Property Rights vs Freedom of Expression

There is much to consider surrounding human conflict resolution and restitution but from a high level view at least this case is indeed a good example for that discussion.

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