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SARS-CoV-2 Links entry

Title Viral Infections: Types, Treatment, and Prevention
Add Date 1st April 2020
Category Science
Description Excellent top to bottom look at viruses presented mostly free of scientific and medical jargon.
URL Viral Infection Types, Treatment, and Prevention

SARS-CoV-2 Links entry

Title The Coronavirus and Galileo: An Interview with a Italian Nano-pathologist Dr. Stefano Montanari
Add Date 5th April 2020
Category General
Description Desperate times call for desperate measures: this link is from a occidental/white focused site but should not be discounted because of that. As a personal note: we all bleed red so one's skin colour is irrelevant to me.

Editor’s note: I am posting this not as a claim that Dr. Montanari’s ideas on the virus are correct—I do not have knowledge in this area— but only that his views should be aired. We are living in a time when science has become politicized and the claims of establishment scientists have become political orthodoxy and dissenters punished. In my field, psychology, decades-old findings have been to be unable to be replicated. Yet they are still to be found in textbooks because they favor leftist and environmentalist explanations for human behavior, particularly regarding racial differences, and dissenters are shunned and denied academic positions. Climate science has become completely politicized, so non-experts are left not knowing what to think while the establishment media and academic groups cling to an orthodoxy and brand anyone who disagrees as intellectually deficient and morally suspect. Can anyone trust the pharmaceutical industry (e.g., the Sacklers and the opioid crisis) or experts on nutrition? So much of what is produced in these fields is subject to financial motivations, and again, the average person is left wondering what drugs to take and what foods to eat. So let’s be open to Dr. Montanari’s ideas. Personally, I find many of his ideas quite compelling, and he is definitely well-versed in the field.
URL The Coronavirus and Galileo: An Interview with a Italian Nano-pathologist Dr. Stefano Montanari – The Occidental Observer

SARS-CoV-2 Video entry

Title Ben Swann: Gates Foundation Behind Completely WRONG Coronavirus "Death Toll" Numbers
Category Science

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