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One of the biggest reasons, while simultaneously biggest fallacies, of why humanity needs government is that it is required to coordinate and effectively delivered services that are integral to a successful society. For starters, can't truthfully say effectively or efficiently as there are numerous examples of how government fails at both, sometimes spectaculary. The fallacy here is twofold: that only government can deliver these services and, the services that it offers/forces to/upon the population are indeed required for a successful society. Let's take a peak at a 4 of the observably most important:

Crime and Punishment

"We have advanced the view that the criminal loses his rights to the extent that he deprives another of his rights: the theory of "proportionality."
• capital punishment reserved for crime of murder
   ▪ Rothbard: “Thus, it should be quite clear that, under libertarian law, capital punishment would have to be confined strictly to the crime of murder. For a criminal would only lose his right to life if he had first deprived some victim of that same right. It would not be permissible, then, for a merchant whose bubble gum had been stolen, to execute the convicted bubble gum thief. If he did so, then he, the merchant, would be an unjustifiable murderer, who could be brought to the bar of justice by the heirs or assigns of the bubble gum thief.” ~ The Ethics of Liberty
• punishment and proportionality:
   ▪ major tenet: restitution is paid to the victim not some abstract 'the state' or ‘the people’
   ▪ proportionate punishment principle should be considered a maximum not an automatic/mandatory; victim decides overall restitution if defendant guilt is established
   ▪ no compulsion on the plaintiff/victim to exact maximum restitution or anything at all as restitution is pursued by the plaintiff only, not a DC on behalf of the abstract 'society'
   ▪ “the victim or his heir could allow the criminal to buy his way out of part or all of his punishment”
 in the case of murder, since victims heirs “might prove less than diligent in pursuing the murderer, or be unduly inclined to let the murderer buy his way out of punishment”, people could state in their wills what punishment they would like to have inflicted on their possible murderers
   ▪ in the case of monetary restitution being ordered, this restitution is paid to the victim, not the state or ‘one’s debt to society' whatever that may be