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Canadian Tire Money

Those reading from Canada will recognize this shopping icon: Canadian Tire Money. While technically it should be considered a coupon vs currency, this is still another example of a form of money. It is issued debt & interest free by Cdn Tire Corporation and is good for almost anything sold in one of their stores. This author has also heard tell of various home parties (candles, home kitchen tools, etc.) where CDN Tire Money is accepted as payment due to a member of the household being a regular shopper at that store.

Let's put it through the checklist, does it meet the criteria for money:
concept, an idea, an information system
accepted medium of exchange for transactions limited in scope but yes
a store of value
a unit of account
Conclusion: yes, Canadian Tire Money can be considered a form of money, represented via a paper currency noted in the image.
But what is it really?

A piece of paper . . . paper that only has value because you have faith that it can be exchanged for goods and services in the future.

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