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I am utterly dismayed to see how fast and how fully folks who I thought were, in their own varying degrees, rational critical thinkers, have embraced this pandemic smoke screen while at the same time have become unquestioning worshippers of governmental leadership actors.

I am utterly dismayed to read folks unequivocally supporting snitch lines/websites to rat out neighbours and others; if you are safely wrapped up in your home, WTF do you care, what business is it of yours?

I am utterly dismayed at how easy it was for folks to accept and embrace the idea of quarantining, self-isolation, self-distancing when there is scant evidence to support it.

I am utterly dismayed at how quickly folks resorted to school age shaming, guilting, and personal attacks against those who would dare question the mainstream narrative.

I am utterly dismayed to read folks unequivocally supporting Ontario's new 'papers please or $750 fine' law; what's the next step, jail time then? This is fucking Canada, not Stasi East Berlin, Nazi Germany, Communist Soviet Union! Oh but it's necessary! This is known how, 'cause CTV/CBC/Global/CNN/MSNBC/FOX said so? Oh but it's just temporary…perhaps…this time around, but I will again wager my last pizza that this time around is not the last time and the next time will not be that far in the future. It will be billed 'second wave', 'third wave' and so on.

** At this point I during the writing of this post I was going to continue virtual soap-boxing but it occurred to me that there is a big problem with perspective here and until it is addressed, simply blathering on in the same vein with the same approach is just not the way to go. **

I take full ownership of this failure for not considering it sooner.

My approach to interpreting our current world, particularly at this point in time, is formulated from almost 20 years off and on (far more on) of nauseatingly large amounts of time reading & learning & questioning & mistake making, so many mistakes, but that's learning in action. It started for me as a direct result of 9/11; interestingly, and from the perspective of the official narrative then, I feel like we're being 9/11'nd all over again but this time almost daily.

I have two distinct advantages that I hope I've put to good use for the benefit of all of us: my working-for-others time frame is split almost equally between cooking/hospitality and computer/network/security. In both of these sectors, 'root' is the keyword. In the case of cooking, one is building items from the root up, core ingredients into a finished dish for example. In the case of technology troubleshooting, it was the opposite direction: band-aid solutions are fine for the short term but the repair job is not complete until the root cause is found. Further, pattern observance is a very large part of the troubleshooting process here. [as an aside: not taking this approach could be considered good for business at the vendor end since repairs would be ongoing for the same basic issue(s), but a smart recipient of those services, and I don't mean computer/book smart, but simply one who expects value for the item they are giving in return, very often in the form of money, would demand proof of problem fixery upon penalty and/or termination of the contract or business relationship. When this is normal practice the market self corrects since there is no gain for the vendor and in fact may result in substantial costs to same. But once again I digress, ugh :)]

The second advantage encompasses both trades: customer service. Both have customer service as a major component of their respective makeups. This is in no way an attempt at being boastful, just a fact that I hope brings some additional context to me and my rambles:
  • being an approachable person
  • my enjoyment of small talk (it's like the interview phase when done with new people and the good laugh phase with closer acquaintances and friends since topix are light helping to provide a good energy/environment for improv which so often leads in turn to one teeing off another and so on)
  • meeting/interacting/friendifying both professionally and personally with so many people over an almost 40 year time span
  • good old fashion people watching
I do believe that I have competent skill in reading others. Important to note here as it is most likely a (big) part of other gigs too and also overlooked: as I'm sure most folks who have had good success in customer service know, and feel, a really big player is one's gut instinct. When it comes to both how you interact or if you do at all, gut instinct is ignored at one's peril.

All that wind simply to say: my training and my nature have me automatically looking for the root of whatever the issue may be until that root is found or deemed unobtainium, temporarily or otherwise. It's also a reminder to all of us and a point I hope to make, the new approach I hope to take: no one has the same perspective as each one of us does, it is unique to each of us and only really comparable/communicable by words which is very limited in this context. We cannot actually exchange/share our perspective(s) with others; we can't climb into each other's skin, head and heart, it is ours and ours alone.

Knowing this then, it is important for meaningful communication that we try to find something common to everyone in this or that particular communication circle. I talk about issues that affect us all and therefore I dropped the ball by communicating through my own perspective instead of trying to find perspectives we can all relate to, common perspectives because they are part of what makes us human.

Clear as mud? Please hang in there with me.

In the context of government and the orchestration of events: firstly, take a second to consider how government is portrayed (many similar ties here with bank/corp for prolly the same reasons). The phrases "the government of Canada did this or that" or "Canada has done this or supports that" for example. The grand old large and sometimes imposing structures that government occupies. The ornate furniture and fittings. The pomp and circumstance so often exercised by this group. Even the word itself, to govern or rule, and this is just scratching the surface. All of it is designed to impart in the mind the image of an entity, a thing, a thing that is better, superior, bigger, grander, than the 'common man', a thing that must be obeyed, a thing that knows best and a thing that we absolutely need or chaos and horror with ensue.

Government is not a thing, it is merely a grouping word we use to designate a group of individuals, with this particular group thinking they have authority to rule over us. They do indeed have that authority BUT ONLY BECAUSE WE HAVE CONSENTED TO IT. Read that capped line again, and again if need be. There is no such thing as divine right of kings or one being subject to another's rule simply because they were born to this or that geographical region.

It's all a lie.

Further, and this cannot be overstated: government, like any other group or organization, is nothing more than a collection of individuals, again, individuals, individuals who are the exact same as you or I, at least in the sense that they are individual human beings. Did I mention individuals? Consider this then next time you read "the government of Canada did this or that" and mentally translate it: an individual or sub group made up of individuals who refer to themselves as a government did this or that.

There is no entity 'government', it is a fiction, a mental construct designed to command and control large groups of other individual humans. If there is any doubt left: please post pictures of the entity government in the comments below but I won't hold my breath ;)

Secondly, of orchestration. I have very often read/heard folks retorting that there is no such thing as a single group or groups that is/are controlling or orchestrating human events. I cannot say there is for the exact same reason that these retorts are fallacious: unless one is part of group of individuals who is involved in such orchestration or has discovered factual evidence of same then a yay or nay is not possible. Conversely though, it also means it is possible.

How is one to know or what is one to believe? Easy peasy: we use observation, fact and gut instinct, but to a limit: if a solid conclusion cannot be obtained, then we simply make a mental note that we have no opinion, conclusion or judgement and at the same time, do not take action(s) like we do have one.

So, to that common perspective I referred to earlier: with the obvious exception of material goods, buildings, desks and garbage cans for example, all aspects of bank/corp/govt are comprised of individual humans (did I mention INDIVIDUALS? ;) ) and with the exception of the personality disordered (whose numbers are greatly increasing) are subject to the same emotions that we are, you and I.

I think it's safe to say that with the exception of a small number, we have all had a romantic relationship of some type, a BFF, a group of besties, family, been part of a close knit club or organization. Humans for the most part are social creatures which is not an optional choice but a deep need dictated by the simple fact of being a human being. Think then of the sense of belonging one feels with the situations I mentioned. Romantic is a good one: that special feeling one has of being in a group of two, excluding all others but still a social connection nonetheless. Think about that sense of comfort and belonging of being part of a bigger group but yet still exclusive, still not compromising the whole of the human race. Finally, for better or for worse, think about being part of whatever size group is your favourite, but this time a group who knows something that affects another individual or group but only your group knows it. "Psst, can you keep a secret about this group or that person?" I think it's safe to say that anyone who has been in this situation, which is prolly most of us at one point or another, and denies this 'guilty pleasure' is lying to themselves.

Again, personality disorders aside, separate discussion: since the group that calls themselves government is comprised of individual humans, why would we consider that this basic human instinct, this emotional reaction, this deep seated desire to belong (and/or conform to peer pressure), does not apply to them too? It is folly to dismiss this. Consider then this bank/corp/govt group, exclusive in nature, echo chambered in communication and feeding off of each other, simply responding to the human satisfaction of belonging to the small group, the exclusive group, perhaps responding to peer pressure. Consider then that are many of these exclusive type groups, some operating together, the govt group for example, some operating in their own spheres, bureaucracy, military, bank, corp and so on for example. Sometimes the goals of these groups are the same or similar, sometimes at odds, but in either case, since job security is first and foremost in our current culture, these groups are grand opportunists doing whatever they can to capitalize on events they themselves had a hand in creating, other groups have created or we ourselves, the grassroots have created. [as an aside here: please never let yourself be fooled into thinking the grassroots are the weakest in this picture; the exact opposite is true and it's because of this that bank/corp/govt enact such controlling and draconian measures 'cause those assholes know it's not true either. There will always be more of us than them!]

Our existence as we know it is so much about balance and therefore I need to point out the darker side of belonging: extreme ideological belief. Ideology, that is, a set of beliefs or doctrines, is not in and of itself a bad thing but unfortunately it is often taken to destructive lengths which is. I will use zionists as an example here. This ideology feels that they are 'God's Chosen', that the planet was created for them, that the rest of us are a sub-species and that it is their duty and right to exterminate any who do not subscribe to the same ideology. More unfortunality: while not going as far as the God's Chosen bit necessarily, there are many in bank/corp/govt who feel the same way. IMHO, this is where we must consider and understand personality disorders as we often dismiss this possibility believing that no rational person, especially those in positions of authority/responsibility, would behave this way or do that thing. The key word here is 'rational': there is very little rationality in the minds and subsequent behaviour of personality disordered individuals, at least not in the sense that we consider rational.

There are a great many examples of these groups that have exclusive membership and wield a massive amount of unaccountable influence:

Council on Foreign Relations
Trilateral Commission
Bilderberg Group
The UN
Skull and Bones (fraternity)

and many more. Interestingly, there indeed was a group that called themselves the Illuminati. Whether they are still in existence, dunno. It was founded in 1776 Bavaria (now part of Germany) by a cat named Adam Weishaupt with a mission that is basically opposite to what is portrayed in the movies.

There is though one other group that needs a specific and special mention: the banking group, specifically central banking. If there are any possible single orchestration groups in our world it is this crew. Almost every country on the planet has one, all connected through the central bank's central bank, the Bank of International Settlements. Generally speaking, each country has two representatives in this central banking clique: the governor of the bank itself and the governmental finance minster. This totals roughly 400 peeps, easily a small enough group with a tight enough ideological focus as to command and control at a global level. This group has complete control over the issuance of debt (read: what most consider money) which translates into complete control in the general sense.

The quote (it's actuality is questioned and often misattributed to Mayer Amschel Rothschild, but it doesn't matter, the meaning is truth) sums it up nicely:

"Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!"

Even the bible is aware of the power here: "The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is slave to the lender."

"OK, once again Todd you've managed to blather on about a whole bunch of stuff but what does this have to do with anything?" (in the 'old days' one would say "the price of tea in China" ;) )

In a shell of nuts: my fellow earthlings, you are being had, plain and simple. You are being had not just in the context of current events but in the entire context of bank/corp/govt. You are being had not just by the sitting party politwits of the day but by the entire concept of government itself.

I'm going to stick with current events as my keyboard's batteries will be drained and if you aren't already, y'all be asleep before I can get a big picture perspective typed out. Some SARS-CoV-2 context from today, in order of total/probable/deaths:

Canada:   9,595   18   109
Ontario:   2,392   0   37

Some Influenza/Pneumonia context from 2018, the last year StatsCan has data for. In a 3 month time frame:

Canada: 2,128 deaths.

Yes, compare that with 109. As a percentage that's a 180.51% difference. Canada in 2018 had 709 people die each and every month of influenza/pneumonia for a total of 8,511.
  • Did we shut down the country for that?
  • Did we enact such totalitarian laws as refusal to identify oneself resulting in $750 fine?
  • Did we bankrupt vast numbers of businesses?
  • Did we print money to such an extent that if your personal holdings, retirement or otherwise, are not comprised of mostly physical gold or silver, they are going to be reduced in purchasing power by orders of exponential magnitude?
  • Did we restrict gatherings of people, ones who are supposedly living in a 'free country', to silly numbers like 5, under threat of massive financial penalty or even caging (jail)?
  • Did we create snitch lines to tattletale if a business deemed non essential by this same government group was operating?
  • Did we even shut down so called non essentials in the first place?
  • Did we restrict travel within the borders of Canada?
  • Did we erect spot-checks to ensure that Canadians are complying with state decree?
  • Is there a disproportionate amount of younger healthier people succumbing to this virus to warrant extreme fear?
  • Did we push the narrative that cash itself is bad thing, a horrible transmission vector?

Of course the answer to all of these questions and so many more in the same vein is a resounding NO. Why then such extreme and over-reactive measures for 109 deaths? It's interesting to note that in 2018 there were 373 assault/homicide deaths in Canada; in monthly terms, that's only 16 less than COVID-19 at 93.

There are many possible answers to this and it's important, actually critical, that we explore these possibilities now, but I personally am 100% convinced at this point that it's not for public safety reasons at all.

Globalism has been an overt push since the formation of the League of Nations in 1920 and has been going strong ever since. Globalism in the current context is not a benign concept at all. The full intent is one world government, one world currency, rule of the masses by the edicts of the few…all of the worst parts of Orwell's 1984 and Huxley's Brave New World.

Assuming for the moment this is the case, or something close to it, and spiralling back to my comment about orchestration and central bankers. In our minds we tend to think of global orchestration as virtually impossible, too many people involved, loose lips sink ships, too many differing opinions/goal and all that happy crappy. The past gives us a starting point: the development of the atomic bomb involved over 100,000 people and virtually no one outside of this group knew about it until the first tests were conducted. Further, the teams were so compartmentalized that they often had no idea what the other was doing. This is not an entirely fair comparison however as there was no Internet, essentially none of the communication tools we have today beyond the telephone existed.

In today's world however, it can actually be easier. I'm sure we've all heard the term 'deep state' at some point in time over the last few years. It's also gained a lot of scorn, scorn orchestrated by this group themselves perhaps to deflect. But looking at what it really means: the un-elected and in large part unaccountable bureaucracy that the government group is built upon, that it requires to function. The members of this group generally do not come and go, they're in for the long haul.

Now, consider the echo chamber again, collections of personality disorders rising to the top, virtual unaccountability and virtually unlimited funds, particularly with regards to the military. These folks operate behind the scenes, unseeable (ironically like SARS-CoV-2) who very easily can get caught up in group think, a phenomenon that I would wager most folks have had a taste of or have observed in their day to day lives. Given the nature of politics and the political type, it is very easy to manipulate them as demonstrated by Trump: simply stroke that dope's ego and he is putty in your hands. For the harder nut to crack: a simple fone call threatening to enact a tariff or cut off a funding line, etc. (see the link below "Diary of an Economic Hitman") For the really tough nut, perhaps a call from a fone booth by a CIA lackey: "That was a real pretty red dress your daughter had on a school today. Be a shame should something happen to it…or her. I suggest you get on board." *click* Movie-land stuff? Perhaps. Real possibility when dealing with personality disorders? Abso-fookin-lutely!

Then there are the politwits themselves. See the comment below on this one but suffice to say, politics is as much about image as anything and oh boy, if there is a possibility for a politwit to improve their image in the voters eyes, they are invariably going to take it. Remember: no matter what edicts get passed down, their generous salaries and benefits are guaranteed…can we say the same about ourselves who BTW are the ones who pay those generous salaries and benefits?

Back to current events, some critical questions (and I use the term 'you' in a general sense, not directed specifically to anyone who may be reading this):
  • What do you base your trust on with regards to the numbers being posted; numbers posted by people you don't even know, will never know, using data you will never see and therefore can never verify?
  • What do you base your trust on with regards to the test itself? How do you know that some or all of these tests are not registering positive because of any coronavirus present including the flu and common cold?
  • What do you know about the overall impact the vast amounts of monetary stimulus are going to have on you, your children or future generations?
  • Did you know that Italy registers cause of death as coronavirus if the deceased even tests positive? In other words, many in the death tally died WITH coronavirus but not necessarily BECAUSE of it.
  • Death numbers are rolled out relentlessly; why do some areas have massively disproportionate totals, totals that are being used to continually create hype and hysteria?
  • Why are government/multinational corp funded news media pushing coronavirus almost 24/7? Despite basically a planet wide shutdown, with 7.4 billion people on our rock, there is still lots going on outside of this so called pandemic (plandemic?).

We need to stop looking at virus case numbers like a scorecard. We need to stop pretending we know everything there is to know about a virus. We need to mind our own f*kin' business and not be concerned with what others are doing except for those who are claiming authority over us.

We need to, very much need to, in this context and our lives in general, accept and understand this: correlation does not imply causation.

Let's go all Bob Ross and paint a picture.

Our picture is one of typical landscape with lots of wide open spaces, 'good earth' as the old farmers would say. That is us, the grassroots, that which everything else is built upon, the ultimate power in our planetverse, you, me, us. Now lets add a mountain, an impressive looking mountain, all majestic, craggy 'n shit. Sitting on that mountain are huge signs spelling out words like bank and corporation. Intermingled in the upper echelons of our mountain are those humans who no longer feel they are part of the roots but rather separate, elevated, more important and whose job it is to enjoy the best life has to offer while at the same time keeping the grass cut short.

This is our reality as we know it. But what we often overlook is that these seemingly indestructible institutions are built upon the ground, the grass roots, us. Give that ground a wee shake and down they all come. One further shake sweeps the rubble and misguided humans away ready to have something new built upon it.

I mention above about the feel goodness of being part of a more exclusive group outside the entire population. Well, ironically enough, the entire population is also an exclusive group! As far as our science knows, this planet harbours the only collection of human beings in the entire known universe…that's a pretty exclusive group, dontcha think? :)

Going forward, we need to embrace this exclusivity, we need to work together in co-operation with each other as it's the only way we're going to survive and thrive.

"We're in it for the species boys and girls!" ~ Starship Troopers

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