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06 Apr 2020

Some thoughts on the modelling data released 2020.04.03 by the Ontario government group.

02 Apr 2020

In a shell of nuts: my fellow earthlings, you are being had, plain and simple. You are being had not just in the context of current events but in the entire context of bank/corp/govt. You are being had not just by the sitting party politwits of the day but by the entire concept of government itself.

24 Mar 2020

For the first time in a long time, the pace of our existence has changed. Many of the circumstances surrounding our recent collective experience are new; very few folks are still with us who would have had even conceptually similar experiences, most have passed on. Further, due to advancements in technology, similar past experiences are not really possible anymore; digital data and information delivery changed the old playing field completely and there is no going…

23 Mar 2020

If I never hear the terms 'social distancing' and 'self isolating' again I will daisy push a happy camper. This desire has nothing to do with wanting life back to normal, that ship has forever sailed, welcome to a whole new show, but rather the ease with which folks are normalizing these ideas and negatively judging, or worse, anyone who does not jump on this bandwagon. The phrases have been made trendy and fashionable, gross. It's also important to note that this type of embrace is only happening because the lights are still on and potable water is still running. Change either of those two dynamics . .

22 Mar 2020

This is a collection of stuff that caught my eye and that I want to keep an eye on. For the most part, stuff here has not been fact checked yet most likely due to lack of time. If stuff turns out to be dragon dung, I'll remove it, if not, I'll also remove it but it will be posted elsewhere on the site. Bottom line: this is an unvetted collection bucket of info.

22 Mar 2020

Based on many comments, memes and posts I've seen on social media over the last few weeks, one would get the impression that humans have never been exposed to a virus before. My personal most disliked ones are those that outline a potential trail of infection from one person to another usually ending up with the text painting the 'perpetrator' as a bad person while at the same time exposing the virtues of 'self isolation' or 'social distancing'. Ridiculous at best, misinformed fear mongering is more like it.